Synek Countertop Draft Beer System

SYNEK – Countertop Draft Beer Dispenser

In Kickstarter by Brandon

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate a good craft beer on draft from your local pub. I wish that I could have draft beer at home, but not have to deal with the hassle (and space usage) of a kegerator system. This is where the SYNEK comes in. The SYNEK is a countertop beer dispenser that utilizes proprietary 1 gallon beer bags that can be filled by your local brewery (assuming they fill growlers). The system looks awesome, providing a self-contained, clean method of dispensing the beer, and adds the ability to swap out the brews even if you aren’t finished with the current one, a truly awesome feature. ┬áRead on to find out more.

The SYNEK system seeks to combine the convenience of the K-Cup, with the delight of craft beer, and at first glance, it succeeds. The SYNEK is currently $299, but will be going up to $349 (its normal retail price) when the early bird batch sells out. Back it now on Kickstarter.