SpeakerSlide iPad Black


In Kickstarter by Brandon

Todays kickstarter find is a small clip-on sound amplifier for the iPad (and iPhone if the stretch goal is reached) called the SpeakerSlide. Although it has “speaker” in the name, the SpeakerSlide does not actually include a speaker. It is merely a well designed amplifier, not unlike if you were to simply place your device in a bowl or glass.

SpeakerSlide is a small piece of injection molded plastic that includes a small tab that fits into the lightning port without restricting its use, it even includes a passthrough so that the iPad can be charged while the speaker slide is attached.The genius of the SpeakerSlide is not only that it is pocket-sized, but it also clips directly onto your iPad and stays put while in use. SpeakerSlide comes in both Black and White, with more colors coming in the future as stretch goals. The company, Design R Studio, is based in Syracuse, New York and has vowed to produce the SpeakerSlide in the US. The SpeakerSlide is $10 for the first 500, and $12 for the next 500, and can be backed here.