Snapback Slim 2.0 Minimal Wallet

In Gear, Kickstarter by Brandon

For the last couple of years, the minimalist movement has taken over Kickstarter, with items ranging from minimalist coffee makers to minimalist playing cards, and wallets are certainly well represented. The original Snapback Slim was one of the early elastic-based wallets, and paired a black elastic body with a bright and colorful outer strap that allowed for carrying cash, a problem not addressed by some of the other wallets.  Overall, the Slim 1.0 met its goal and even ran $1000 over.

The Snapback Slim 2.0 improves on the original by using a more durable elastic and reconfiguring the stitching to increase performance. The Slim 2.0 sports a more refined, “sleek” look adding some branding to the front that is not unlike the Supr Slim Wallet. As of the time of writing, the Slim 2.0 can be had for $18 and has already surpassed its goal by more that 40%. I am in as a backer, and I will post up a review as soon as is comes in.