Dollar Wallet

6 Months with The Dollar Wallet

In Gear, Reviews by Brandon

In August of 2012, a project on Kickstarter caught my eye, it was a super minimalist, cost effective wallet aptly named The Dollar Wallet made by The Simple Factory. I had the option of ordering the actual $1 wallet which is made of a fiberboard, or for a couple bucks more I could get a laser etched wooden version. I opted for the wooden version, because laser etching is awesome. For $6, my expectations weren’t very high, but in the end, The Dollar Wallet really stood out, read on for more info.

Dollar Wallet EtchedSince I opted for the wooden version, the Dollar Wallet was simply a piece of aircraft-grade plywood that was cut, etched with a chevron pattern, and stained, combined with a band of elastic fabric. If you ordered the standard Dollar Wallet, you got a piece of stained fiberboard instead of wood, but the final product was designed to last just as long. The color of the stain, what pattern was etched, and the color of the elastic were all buyer selectable. You could choose between a couple of stain colors, 21 etching designs(!) , and 6 elastic colors, so there was certainly a wallet for everyone. The body of the wallet is only a hair larger than a credit card, with a notch taken out on one end to allow easier access to your cards.
The wooden Dollar Wallet is amazing. I originally decided to carry the wallet to CES, I figured the minimal Dollar Wallet would be perfect that way I couldnt lose my “real” wallet which had far more important items. I loaded it up with some cards and some cash, and went on my way. That was 6 months ago, and I haven’t gone back.Dollar Wallet vs Big SkinnyMy “old” wallet was a Big Skinny which was already a fairly slim wallet, but it is massive compared to the dollar wallet. Due to its minimalist design, you will be hard-pressed to find any wallet on the market that is thinner than The Dollar Wallet, in fact, if you find one, please send a link my way because I want to check it out. Over the last 6 months I have added back some items such as my Charlie (subway) Card, and some other random cards, to bring the total up to 6. The Dollar Wallet has handled it spectacularly. I also haven’t really noticed any signs of wear on either the wood or the elastic, both are good as new.

The SimpleFactory store is currently closed for relocation, but if you can track one of these wallets down, I strongly suggest you buy it.